QuickBooks Error 12157

Published on 6 August 2020 at 09:13

QuickBooks Error 12157 comes underneath the 12000 error code series that result due to Web connectivity issues in Windows operating system with Microsoft Win32 Internet or also called as WinInet API. This API is employed by QuickBooks in order to swiftly access Internet Protocols like FTP, HTTP and Gopher. The QuickBooks Error 12157 generally takes place when either downloading or installing updates with all the software.

These error stop updates to get integrated aided by the software that may cause serious issues in the future as these updates generally consist of fixes for the bugs reported when it comes to current version along with some powerful features that enhances the knowledge of the software.

The Error Code 12157 can be the result of any of the following reasons:

Restrictive settings of Firewall (personal) and Internet security applications.
More than one form of QuickBooks software on a single computer system of same year such as QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2016 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 16.0.
Certain settings regarding Internet or Security applications may also cause this error to crop up while updating your QuickBooks Desktop software.
There are specific resolutions listed below for the perusal which will help to fix the problem manually and swiftly. It is strongly suggested that you attempt to improve your software after each resolution to know what type fixes the issue.

Three Resolution Alternatives For Fix QuickBooks Error 12157
Advance Settings:
Close QuickBooks and then go to web browser.
After opening go to Tools tab in Menu Bar after which to Internet options.
Now click on Advanced Tab.
Select Restore Advanced Settings tab and close the Window.
Firewall / Third Party Application Configuration: The settings of Firewall along with other 3rd party security applications from time to time restrict QuickBooks to update the program and payroll as well. It will allow incoming and outgoing access through 10172 ports. The files that will require Internet access are as follows:
QuickBooks Desktop & Internet Explorer Settings: The settings of both QuickBooks Desktop and web browser should coincide with each other. They must be verified and stay updated with latest bug fixes.
These three resolution options should solve the issue of QuickBooks Error Code 12157. However, in the event that problem still persists you should opt to relate solely to Intuit Customer Care or QuickBooks Payroll Support to receive impeccable resolutions. In case of urgency you can test alternative like QBPayrollHelp that may be connected via toll free contact number .

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