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In this tech-driven era, where every industry is dedicatedly working towards shattering its boundaries and welcoming new and enhanced technology with open arms, accounting industry is certainly not an exception. The accounting world is evolving at an extremely fast rate and openly accepting new challenges. The accounting tech explosion may be really exciting plus one such tech advancement was QuickBooks, that has been dominating the accounting world during the last few years. Well, just like many accounting software, QuickBooks also encounters certain bugs. The real reason for these bugs could be the hi-tech codes and algorithms that have been used to craft this wonderful software. One of many commonly reported bug is QuickBooks error code 80029c4a that can be seen once the company file gets damaged. If your QuickBooks showing “Dynamic Link Library (DLL) are missing“ then click on link.

If you're facing any such error, then look at this article till the conclusion, or ring up, and discuss your issue with your technical support and help team. We are a hub of passionate technocrats, that have many years of expertise and expertise in dealing with error connected with QB.

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What exactly is QuickBooks Error 80029c4a?
Error Code 80029c4a is one of the most complicated error, that appears from the screen with a mistake message stating “loading type library/DLL can’t load a dynamic link library (DLL). The QB users report this error while launching the QuickBooks application. Not only this, but this error could also be seen when QuickBooks component does not start/work properly or perhaps the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files are missing out or corrupted, as a consequence of the device abnormalities.

On occasion the antivirus securities might also be the cause behind the error code 80029c4a, for which we recommend the user to check antivirus and firewall security settings once.

When this error occurs, the users may see following error messages on their desktop screen:

“Problem: there was clearly an unexpected error reported when attempting to run QuickBooks with company file. Error Code: c. Description: Error loading type library / DLL”Or“QuickBooks couldn’t load a system component. Restarting your computer or laptop might solve the problem. Error type: 80029c4a – Can’t load dynamic link library (DLL)”
With this specific article, we make an effort to give you the quick fixes to your QuickBooks error 80029c4a that could help you to reach the origin of these abrupt errors and also lower the efforts to resolve it by the own.

Factors causing QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a
Inappropriate installing of QuickBooks desktop.
Any type of corruption in Windows registry could be the reason behind the occurrence of the form of error.
Also, some corrupted or damaged QuickBooks desktop system files might also land in this type of error.
Another program mistakenly deleted QB related program files, then prepare yourself to encounter this error.
Maybe your antivirus has erroneously marked a QuickBooks files to be infected with all the virus.
Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a
The user could need to identify the issue in order to correct it, for which the below stated symptoms could work well. By this the consumer can conveniently recognize the error and acquire started because of the fixation process.

Error Code: 80029c4a. Description: “Error loading type library / DLL” will definitely display regarding the screen.

When the user stumbles upon this error, it crashes the active program window
Window runs very slowly or sluggishly
The system “freezes” for two minutes each and every time
While installing, the error code pops-up from the screen
The error appears and crashes the running program window
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Troubleshooting Steps for QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a
Have a look at this infographic image for a fast resolution of this Error 80029c4a.

To solve Error code 80029c4a in QuickBooks an individual can easily carry out the below stated methods. These steps can be technical, so we recommend please try them under the guidance of some professional.

Solution 1: Run Reboot.bat file

First of all, close the QuickBooks Desktop.
And then, open the folder with the “reboot.bat file“.
The next thing is to right-click the “QuickBooks Desktop” icon and choose “Properties” option.
Now, hit “Open file location” option.
After that, the consumer has to hit a right-click in the “reboot.bat file” and select “Run as System Administrator“.
The consumer has to run “reboot.bat” as the Windows Administrator.
Note: It will be depending upon Windows Folder Options settings, the file may show as reboot.bat or reboot.
The consumer should remember not to close the appeared window because this will switch off the reboot.bat file utility once it gets completed.
The last step would be to restart the device once.
By performing this steps all the user has successfully resolve the QuickBooks error 80029c4a. If in case the error still persists, continue using the next solution.

Solution 2: Perform a clean install of QuickBooks Desktop

To start with, the consumer is needed to reinstall the QuickBooks using clean install.
From then on update the QuickBooks to your latest release version.
Here’s how:

Firstly go right to the “File” menu.
Hit a click on the “Close Firm or Logoff” icon.
Note: If an individual opens multiple company files in QB Desktop computer, then there arises the need to carry out this step for every single firm this is certainly open.

Click on the “File” menu and from then on hit on the “Exit” icon.
Later, click on Run as administrator.

When the update get finished pop up appears just close the QuickBooks Desktop.
If you receive an message to put in update just click on the “Yes” button.
Finally reboot your computer system after the update is finished.
Point to Remember: you really must have the QuickBooks downloaded file and your QB Installation CD with it’s license number before performing the uninstallation process of your software.

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Solution 3: Execute a windows repair on QuickBooks
Here are systematic steps with you can repair the windows on QuickBooks:-

You'll want to close your QuickBooks firstly.
From then on go through the “Windows” button.
Hit onto the “Control Panel” tab & later, click onto it.
Uninstall or change the application.
Select the QuickBooks from the program list.
Go through the “Uninstall/Change” tab.

The consumer is meant to hold back till the full time ‘System File checker‘ finishes the scanning for error code 80029c4a.
To complete the process, an individual is required to carry out of the on screen prompts.
If you see some of the programs given below in your quarantine, let them have permission to go through your firewall.


A lot of these files are observed in C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks (year).
Files with (x86) when you look at the location, such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX, are 64-bit versions.
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Winding up!
QuickBooks error code 80029c4a can be very frustrating for the users to carry out. However, after the above steps can ease the process. Using this, we started to the end of this informative article, where we hope by using the aid of these troubleshooting steps the user will be able to be rid of this error.

However, if you should be looking for expert help for QB errors, then try not to hesitate in getting in touch with us at our QuickBooks enterprise support number i.e. Do not hesitate in speaking to our technical support team, I will be pleased to assist you to!


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