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Published on 26 August 2020 at 09:14


Without doubt QuickBooks is a wonderful program for accounting with simple usable features useful to handle day-to-day accounting operations of business operations. But errors can be one of the annoying items to deal with. QuickBooks Error 15101 is one of such errors.

Further, you're going to get to know about the error 15101 QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks Error 15101?
QB Error 15101 is a payroll update error, meaning that something is stopping the application from updating all versions of QuickBooks Desktop. You're going to get a mistake message appeared on the screen that may convey one of several following:

“Error 15101: The Update program cannot be opened” or “Error 15101: The Update program is damaged”.

In this blog, you're getting to understand what causes QuickBooks Error 15101 together with the solutions. Also, we now have discussed the methods to learn QB error code 15101.

When does QuickBooks Error 15101 occur?
QB Error 15101 is normally encountered while downloading QuickBooks Desktop updates with a mistake message, “The update program can't be opened. The update program is damaged.”

The difficulty here is that there is something which is stopping the QuickBooks update program from starting.

QuickBooks Update Error 15101
Reasons for QuickBooks Error 15101
1. Spy Sweeper could be the webroot antivirus program.

Spy Sweeper causes this error to take place given that it takes QuickBooks update program as a malware which downloads unwanted stuff to the computer. feel the following steps to check on whether Spy Sweeper is running :

Step one: Open Task Manager by Press Ctrl+Alt+Esc.
Step 2: Now click on “More Details” at the left bottom tab for the window.
Step three: Under the “Processes” tab, find “SpySweeper.exe”.

2. If in case, You are not logged in whilst the administrator.

An administrator, in some type of computer system, is an individual who gets the rights to change the core entries of a computer system like registries, programs, adding or modifying user accounts, etc. Installing or updating any program on Windows needs administrator access. If you should be not logged in because the administrator, this error might pop up. following would be the steps to learn if you have signed in while the Administrator:

Step one: Open control interface and choose User Accounts.
Step two: Click on Users. If “Administrator” is displayed under your account picture, then you have logged in while the administrator.

Steps to Fix the QuickBooks Error 15101
Listed below are typical the probable approaches to resolve Error 15101. You merely have to attempt these approaches to eradicate the same error instantly:

Solution 1: Uninstall Spy Sweeper
If you find “SpySweeper.exe” when you look at the task manager, stick to the steps:

Open “Add/Remove Programs” and try to find Spy Sweeper.
Click on it and select “Uninstall”.
Stick to the steps to uninstall it.
Solution 2: Logging in once the Administrator
Sign in from another account which has administrator privileges or asks your network administrator to grant you administrator privileges and try running the program again.

Solution 3: Reset Update
If you're logged in given that Administrator and can’t find Spy Sweeper, you'll want to reset the update. Open C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooksxx\Components. Search for a folder called downloadqb<nn> and rename it to download<nn>.old.

Solution 4: Perform a clean installing of QuickBooks
In this method, you need to uninstall QuickBooks and then, reinstall it. Therefore, this technique will assist you to resolve QB Error code 15101.

In closing, we hope any particular one associated with above solutions assisted you in resolving QuickBooks Error 15101. But, in some cases, an individual finds difficult to deal with this error and struggling to repair it. If you're also stuck at any step while trying any of the above-mentioned solutions then, you may call up QuickBooks Error Support telephone number. We now have an excellent network of customer support centers which will be happy in sorting out the issues for your needs. QuickBooks Experts are available 24/7 to resolve just about any QuickBooks issues or errors.


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