QuickBooks Error 6143

Published on 7 October 2020 at 10:25

Fix QuickBooks Error 6143 While Opening Company File

QuickBooks error 6143 takes place when a person tries to access the company file. If the error takes place, you may not be able to continue with your on-going task. The error message obstructs the process and crashes the active program window. There is different reasons for the error to occur. Understanding the possible cause for the error code could make the troubleshooting process easier. This post will give you a thorough overview of QuickBooks error 6143.

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Possible Reasons For QuickBooks Error Code 6143:
QuickBooks error message 6143 can show up on your screen for various possible reasons. Look at the below-given list to understand the origin of the error code.

Damage in Windows system files can be one of the expected grounds for the error: 6143
Windows system files have already been deleted, or corrupted entries can evoke the company file error
A malefic virus or malware infection may cause for this error
If all of your application or hardware having inappropriate installation, then your work-flow can be hurdled as a result of the error
If the required file or info is missing when it comes to operation, then QuickBooks error 6143 may take place.

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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Message Code 6143?
Solution 1: Detect If the Problem Lies in the Program or Company File
To start with, you'll want to identify which on the list of QuickBooks application or company file is erroneous. You can accomplish this task by opening an example file on your own workstation.

Get in touch with the no enterprise Open Window and select Open an example File from there.
Now choose a sample file through the list to open
If you see Intuit QB error code 6143 while opening the company file, you will need to repair your
QuickBooks installation. Otherwise, you can easily proceed to open the file locally.
Solution 2: Open Your Company File from Desktop
In the next solution, we're going to determine if there was a problem with the precise location of the company file. Try to open the business file from your Desktop, and in case it opens, then your precise location of the company file is possibly damaged. If it will not open, then your file itself is damaged.

Open the folder containing company file to see the file having .QBW extension
Now right-click on the file and select Copy through the drop-down that appears
Next, go right to the Desktop, and paste the copied file
Make an effort to open the organization file from the Desktop to find out in the event that folder containing the business file is damaged.
In the event that QuickBooks error 6143 exists, then perform the next troubleshooting method.

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Solution 3: Terminate All QuickBooks Processes
Close all the QuickBooks processes that will interfere while opening the company file in the program. To proceed with all the solution, you will need to log in as admin in your computer and press Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously to produce the job manager. Next, select the Users tab, which will let you show processes for all your users. It could resolve this error. However, if you still begin to see the error code, then try the second solution.

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Solution 4: Configure Your Internet Security Applications
Error 6143 in QuickBooks can also arise when your anti-virus or firewall programs block access to the files because of security reasons. You are able to stop them by exempting QuickBooks company file through the obstruction. It could prevent QuickBooks error 6143 while opening a company file.

Reading this post through to the end can help you to repair the Intuit QB error 6143. However, you could get twenty-four hours a day support for QuickBooks error 6143 by dialing our QuickBooks error support telephone number . Feel easy to call anytime!

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