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Peachtree to QuickBooks Migration
We offer an industry-standard Peachtree to Quickbooks Premier, Pro, Acountant, or Quickbooks Online conversion. All versions of Peachtree may be migrated to Quickbooks or Quickbooks Online with 100% accuracy. The conversion will guarantee the Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, and Balance sheets in Quickbooks will exactly match your Peachtree data. All the reports including Aging A/R, Aging A/P will match as well.

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The next is a list of what is converted:

Chart of Accounts
Customers List
Jobs List
Vendors List
Employees List
Other Names
Items List
Assembly Builds
Inventory Quantities and Values
Customer Payments
Credit Memo
Sales Receipts
Vendor Credits
Vendor Payments
Journal Entries
Item Receipts
Inventory Adjustments
Liability Adjustments
Paychecks (as Journal Entries)
Payroll Liability Checks
Sales Tax Payments
Sales Orders
Purchase Orders

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How it works
The conversion process is not difficult and is outlined below. The Estimated Turnaround time is 2-3 business days on weekdays. We also offer an expedited weekend conversion service (upload your Peachtree company backup at close of business Friday for conversion by Monday morning).

Step 1: Contact us to schedule the conversion. You may receive instructions to securely upload your Peachtree data file.
Step two: Locate the Peachtree backup file on your computer and upload it utilising the instuctions sent to you.
Step 3: following the conversion is complete, you are going to receive a download url to download the converted Quickbooks data file. The Quickbooks file will open directly in Quickbooks without the necessity to complete whatever else. Also, the total amount Sheet, P&L and Trial Balance will match your Peachtree data.

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What to anticipate following the conversion?
We're going to give you back a Quicbooks backup file (QBB) or a Quickbooks Portable file (QBM) which will restore into a new Quickbooks file on your computer. There is no need to accomplish anything in Quickbooks before the conversion.
We are going to give you a detailed post-conversion checklist to get you up and running in QuickBooks.
We will send you a study of transactions that neglected to import (generally in most conversions, 100% associated with the transactions are converted).
Sometimes the source Sage 50/Peachtree data file will contain transactions which can be allowed in Sage 50/Peachtree although not in QuickBooks. We use standard workarounds to import these transactions into QuickBooks and certainly will send you notes on which you need to do post-conversion to manage such transactions.

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Peachtree Accounting versions converted
Peachtree Quantum (all versions) to Quickbooks Windows/Mac/Online
Peachtree Complete Accounting (all versions) to Quickbooks Windows/Mac/Online
Peachtree Premium/Pro (all versions) to Quickbooks Windows/Mac/Online
Peachtree 2014 to Quickbooks Windows/Mac/Online
Peachtree 2013 to Quickbooks Windows/Mac/Online
Peachtree 2012 to Quickbooks Windows/Mac/Online
Peachtree 2008-2011 (all versions) to Quickbooks Windows/Mac/Online
See also: Sage 50 to Quickbooks Online/Quickbooks Desktop Pro/Premier/Enterprise/Mac
See also: Sage 50 Canada to Quickbooks Online/Quickbooks Desktop Pro/Premier/Enterprise/Mac
See also: Simply Accounting Conversion to Quickbooks

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Peachtree Editions Supported:
Peachtree Accounting
Peachtree Pro Accounting
Peachtree Complete Accounting
Peachtree First Accounting
Peachtree Premium Accounting
Peachtree Premium Accounting for Manufacturing
Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution
Peachtree Premium Accounting for Nonprofits
Peachtree Premium Accounting for Construction
Peachtree Premium Accounting
Peachtree Quantum
Peachtree Quantum Accountants

Conversion Error Codes Supported:
Your list exceeds the maximum quantity of entries that may be converted to QuickBooks. First, remove unneeded entries from your company file and then re-convert your file.Your list cannot include more that 10,000/14,500 entries.
The Conversion Tool is not able to convert your software to QuickBooks Simple Start. Please upgrade to QuickBooks Pro or higher.
The Conversion Tool struggles to determine that Peachtree is installed on this computer.
Be sure Peachtree is installed with this computer. If Peachtree is installed, run the conversion again together with your company file opened in Peachtree.If you have got Peachtree 2010 or later version, there was a security option which must be enabled in Peachtree if your wanting to can convert your Peachtree company files to QuickBooks. Open Peachtree and follow the steps below:1. Select Maintain->Users->Setup Security...2. Select Crystal Reports/Data Access tab 3. Please choose "anyone" option4. Click close and exit Peachtree.
We are sorry. Conversion Tool does not offer the form of PeachTree you've chosen.
Your conversion encountered an unexpected error
Problem:The Conversion Tool has experienced a challenge importing data into your new QuickBooks file.
Problem:Your conversion tool had not been installed properly.
To transform your data to QuickBooks, please upgrade your QuickBooks to a suitable newer version.

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To find out more about our Peachtree to Quickbooks Conversion, please fill out the proper execution below. We're going to get back to you ASAP.

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