Uploading Receipts In QuickBooks Software

Published on 4 December 2020 at 09:35

Uploading Receipts In QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 - Receipt

Intuit recently released QuickBooks 2021 Desktop. Insightful Accountant happens to be evaluating various pre-release versions of these products for months and contains spent hours communicating with Intuit personnel, including product managers and developers, so we can help you learn about the brand new products. This article is certainly one in a few individual product features meant to provide additional content to this in your QuickBooks Desktop 2021 product synopsis.

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QuickBooks Receipt Management for Desktop
It can literally take hours for a small business to collect and categorize all their receipts even though they find a way to keep track of them. With this specific new QuickBooks Desktop feature, you certainly will no longer want to spend some time manually entering expense receipts because you can efficiently import them.

QuickBooks Receipt Management is just open to QuickBooks Desktop Plus and Enterprise subscribers customers. It permits you to import receipt images through a mobile (Apple or Android) App. You are able to upload receipts directly from QuickBooks Desktop.

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QuickBooks Receipt Management will then extract data from the receipt images using optical character recognition, artificial intelligence and machine language algorithms to create transactions for your to examine. You'll then review the receipt data and match-up any unmatched information before posting it to your accounting. And, since the image is stored with your QuickBooks data, the digital copies of this receipts are offered for audit later on.

Setting Up Receipt Management on Your Desktop and Mobile Devices
In making use of Receipt Management every user will need to have an Intuit account associated with the specific company apply for which receipts may be uploaded and posted to your accounting. This will be true if the user may be accessing Receipt Management via a mobile device or via QuickBooks Desktop or both.

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Configuring Receipt Management in your Desktop
Initially you will need to log on to QuickBooks because the Administrator for the file you want to configure for Receipt Management. The access the feature from the QuickBooks menu by selecting Vendors, and then choosing Receipt Management.

Choose the Intuit Account you employ for the business file you have open, if you're not already logged-in to your Intuit Account you'll be necessary to achieve this. If you do not currently have an Intuit Account, you will end up expected to create one.

Receipt Management happens to be active on the Desktop. When you have other QuickBooks User who you want to give access to upload receipts or create new transactions to suit receipts with, you can assign them different access roles according to their permissions by selecting Manage users under Receipt Management.

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Know that these QuickBooks Users will need to have permissions including Bank Registers (all Bank Accounts), Checks, bank card charges, charge card registers, Customer Center, Vendor Center, Chart of Accounts List, Class List, Edit Bills and Pay Bills. These permissions are assigned and controlled through the User Security features for the specific form of QuickBooks (ProPlus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise).

According to what you would like your Users to complete, select either Give Desktop and Mobile access or Give only mobile access.

With regards to the option you selection extra information is displayed. For Desktop & Mobile App access listed here window is displayed.

QuickBooks will transmit an email to the User to finalize their brand new permission status. As soon as the User accepts the e-mail invite, they will be needed to either enter their Intuit username and passwords or create an innovative new Intuit account linked to the company file, after they achieve this they will have the capability to manage receipts via the method(s) you have authorized.

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