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Published on 10 December 2020 at 09:04

Paying QuickBooks Bills with a Credit Card or Vendor Credits
Paying QuickBooks Bills with a charge card
Paying QuickBooks Bills with charge cards and Vendor CreditsSituation 1: You’ve entered a bill into the QuickBooks, and it’s now listed as a superb payable. You’ve just determined that several of those QuickBooks Bills were (or will soon be) paid with credit cards. Where do you turn?
Company owners and bookkeepers often use charge cards to pay for QuickBooks bills.

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The motivation could be the ease and ease of paying by phone or online, the individual paying the balance might be at the vendor’s site and desires to pay the bill while there, it could be for security or tracking purposes, and/or to earn bonus points for travel or additional products.

Paying QuickBooks bills with a charge card is a very common occurrence – plus one that you’ll want to know the way to handle.

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To record your charge card Bill payment:

Go directly to the bottom associated with the Bill Payments screen, and locate the “Method” field.
Change it from ‘Check’ to ‘Credit Card’.
Then go right to the ‘Account’ field, and choose the bank card account that you’ll be using for payment.
Paying QuickBooks Bills with Bank Cards and Vendor Credits

Select the Bill(s) you want to pay with a charge card.
Click on the “Pay Selected Bills” button and Shazam(!!) your Bill payment is properly recorded as well as your credit card balance is increased.
Just remember! QuickBooks will ‘remember’ that you paid your Bills with that credit card, together with the next occasion you pay Bills – guess what – it will probably default to the most recent payment ‘Method’ you used.

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If you just paid some QuickBooks Bills via Credit Card, and later elect to pay Bills in your regular way (e.g., to pay for the Bills from a checking account), and if you forget to improve the “Method” and “Account” fields, you can end up getting lots of payments going against the charge card account. Aaargh! You may find yourself with lots of manual corrections to pull through.

So check always the “Method” field at the end associated with screen just before hit the “Pay Selected Bills” button.

Paying QuickBooks Bills with a Vendor Credit
Situation 2: It’s time and energy to pay the business bills. You want to be sure that you don’t overlook any outstanding vendor credits that should lessen the amount you pay to a vendor.
Here’s a quick method to make certain you find – and take – all of the credits you deserve!

Before paying Bills, review the present status of the bills to pay for. My favorite ‘background check’ reports include the
Accounts Payable Aging Summary,
Unpaid Bills Detail, and
Vendor Balance Detail.

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When it is time for you to actually pay your Bills, and you also place a check-mark when you look at the white column for a Bill that you would like to pay, if a vendor credit exists, the Set Credits button at the end of the screen will transform itself into a ‘clickable’ button:
You’ll be able to see how many credits exist as well as the total $ amount available.
Then you can click on the button and find the credit(s) that you would like to use to that particular Bill.
QuickBooks will apply the credit(s) to your Bill and lower the amount that displays into the ‘Amount to pay for’ column.
If at all possible, apply smaller credits against larger bills. Why? When a credit pays the whole bill, the credit will “disappear”.
For better tracking, apply a smaller sized credit to a bigger bill so the information will show through to the check voucher that goes to the vendor, and makes it easier to allow them to observe how you’ve applied the credits.
Both of these tips should allow you to pay all of your QuickBooks Bills more efficiently – regardless of the manner in which you decide to pay them.

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