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Published on 15 December 2020 at 08:41

QuickBooks (QB) has become the go-to accounting software for small and medium businesses all over the world. This will be primarily because of the diverse options that the shoppers have by means of QB desktop editions – Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant.

They are all desktop software solutions that have to be installed in your computers. They vary in features in addition to pricing to focus on every scale and sort of business, so that the customers can decide the greatest solution due to their business.

For example, while QuickBooks Pro can cater as much as 3 users, QuickBooks Premier offers 5 users. The Premier edition has all the QB Pro features with a few additional ones. However, these versions are best designed for small enterprises with a limited workforce.

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For a growing business, however, the very best version that QuickBooks offers is QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. QuickBooks Enterprise Solution is an all-in-one package for businesses aiming to expand their operations in the future.

Below are a few of this explanations why growing businesses can purchase QuickBooks Enterprise.1. It can grow using the business
For an organization which has a goal to determine itself in the market in the coming years must certanly be proactive with its approach. Hence, you ought to look for solutions that may grow using the business. Otherwise, over time, you will have to keep migrating to different business management software solutions.

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QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop is one of scalable solution made available from Intuit. The sooner QB Enterprise versions offered a maximum of 30 users. However, Intuit has grown the number of users to 40 within the latest QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum 20.0 Diamond package.

However, the main thing to note let me reveal that you could buy 1-10 user license if the company is in the early stages and may upgrade later since it grows, and also you require more users. Hence, you always only pay when it comes to users you want.

2. No need for an ERP
ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a business management solution comprising of all core business functions like sales, HR, finances, customer management, etc. However, the ERP solution is cost-effective only for multinationals with a large workforce.

A small/mid-sized business cannot leverage all the features of an ERP solution. Also, the prices among these ERP solutions are usually on the high side, not affordable by an increasing business.

QuickBooks Enterprise has all of the essential accounting features like invoicing, payroll, payments, and receipts that an ever growing company needs. Together with the accounting functions, additionally you get some advanced features like inventory, reporting, and sales, so that you get an entire business solution.

Hence, you can get all that's necessary in QuickBooks Enterprise and save the cost of deploying a passionate ERP solution.

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3. Integrate useful applications
Once the business goes on, the company required additional functions, along with that supplied by QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. These functions could be anything from employee time tracking to an easy data import/export tool.

Various applications can be found to perform these complementary functions. However, it is essential that the applications integrate with your QuickBooks Enterprise, so the dataflow gets automated.

QuickBooks Enterprise offers integration with more than 200 third-party applications covering diverse functions. Hence, you do not need to appear somewhere else whenever you choose to choose for QuickBooks Enterprise.

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4. Get unlimited support
Whether you have got a dedicated IT team in your workplace or not, there are several conditions that is only able to be resolved by experts. Intuit offers exclusive customer care, which means that you are able to contact their team of QuickBooks experts for assistance with installation and setup of QB Desktop Enterprise. Moreover, you'll be able to contact them in case of any queries.

However, if you opt for QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting service from an Intuit Authorized Commercial Host, you get round-the-clock support regarding all your IT issues. This, along with QuickBooks support, implies that you are able to work worry-free with specialist help at your beck and call.

5. Solutions specific to your industry
Perhaps one of the most important considerations for an ever growing company is to identify the important thing features they want running a business software because of their variety of industry. Otherwise, they find yourself paying a lot more than they normally use or don't get enough features to perform their tasks.

With QuickBooks Enterprise, all your valuable worries to getting just the right features vanish because it offers business-specific answers to industries like construction, nonprofit, retail, professional services, accountants, wholesale and manufacturing, and others.

Construction: if you should be a contractor, QuickBooks Enterprise offers the best solution for you. It helps you manage your projects efficiently by estimating job costs accurately. Moreover, in addition, you create work orders, get customized report bundles, schedule tasks, and set reminders.
Manufacturing and Wholesale: QB Enterprise for manufacturing and wholesale enables you to manage your inventory by tracking items by serial number, lot number, or bin location. You may get a dedicated dashboard to manage the sales orders and look inventory levels in real-time.
Retail: With QB Enterprise solution for retailers, you obtain key insights into your retail business with reports like monthly sales by customer and buy volume by vendor. You can automate the pricing by setting rules for items, such as quantity discounts and scheduled promotions. Other features include sales summary form and sales graph.
Nonprofit Organization: if you're a part of a nonprofit setup, QuickBooks Enterprise helps you store the donor list securely by setting roles and access permissions for users. In addition get built-in templates to customize donor forms because of the designed logo and statement.
Professional Services: QuickBooks Enterprise offers a customized solution for service-based businesses. Its advanced functions help in monitoring the cashflow with the help of projections. You can create job costing estimates by comparing the price of multiple projects, track progress and profitability levels, and more.
Accountants: The QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition offers specialized services for the accounting professionals so that they can serve their clients effortlessly. Features like QuickBooks File Manager and Accountant Center helps in better management and sharing of files with clients and easy reconciliation, respectively.

Final Note
A company needs all of the right tools and resources to keep up with all the competitors and ensure constant growth.QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise isn't only a fundamental accounting tool but in addition provides some essential business functions that eradicate the cost and efforts of implementing an ERP solution.

If you're a tiny and medium business, QuickBooks Enterprise is the optimum solution for you.

To learn more about QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, call our Solutions Consultant.

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